In a land far to the north small streams fed by the winter snowfall tumble over rocks filling deep pools where trout wait patiently within the shadows of overhanging spruce and hemlock for the next unwary insect. Cascade by cascade the stream continues its journey downwards through dense evergreens which give way to more open forests of mixed conifer and hardwood until it enters the green rolling hills of a pleasant valley. There it moves more slowly filling small lakes and meandering through pastures and farms where fireflies large as bumblebees make each evening magical. Nestled in the heart of that valley is a friendly cozy little town. Welcome to Sparkenvale Village.

I think every artist would like to know the origin of inspiration. The word itself comes from the Latin noun spiritus which means breath and the verb spirare which means to breathe. To me that implies that impressions and feelings from the world around me are taken in and mixed with thought and memory resulting in an idea or concept for artwork. Some art lives very happily only in my head. Some is easily transferred from head to hand. Some, however, connect with something greater than myself and achieve a reality beyond my ability to express in its entirety.

Sparkenvale Village is that type of artwork.

In my effort to manifest the jewel box quality of each house I decided to scale them small so that one or several could be placed on table or shelf. I drew blueprint after blueprint until I achieved the proportions I was seeking. For every blueprint change I built a house until, fifteen houses later, I settled on a prototype. From that house I created the first three houses in the Sparkenvale Village series ~ Rowan House, Hawthorn House and Tupelo House. Not part of the series but also released at this time are the two houses in Christmas colors, Spruce House and Hemlock House. Everything is made by me by hand ~ houses, snowy yards, trees. Each window will allow light to both pass through and reflect. The window panes for every window are carefully cut out and applied. The glitter colors are chosen to represent the jewel like quality of the houses I see in my mind’s eye. I am currently working on the next three houses in the Sparkenvale Village series. I hope you enjoy your Sparkenvale Village house for many years to come.

Katie Scott